Nebracin 0.3% Eye Drop (Tobramycin)




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Active Ingredient(Generic Name): Tobramycin
Dosage Form: Eye Drop
Manufacturer: Sunways India
Packaging: 5ml in a bottle
Strength: 0.30%
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days


Quantity Price /unit
1     Eye Drop  at Us $ 4.00
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3     Eye Drop  at Us $ 3.33
4     Eye Drop  at Us $ 3.00
8     Eye Drop  at Us $ 2.87


Buy Tobramycin Eye Drop Online, which is an Eye Care drug, and it contains Tobramycin. Treat the parasites that cause eye disease before it turns out to be past the point of no return. Nebracin Eye Drop is an antifungal medicine. It kills the growths that cause eye diseases.


Buy Tobramycin Eye Drop Online, which is an anti-toxin that aids in treating irritation, distress, aggravation, and enlarging caused because of contamination. Tobramycin Eye Drop can likewise forestall contamination following an eye injury or medical procedure. It forestalls the development of microscopic organisms and helps in relieving the contamination. Nebracin Eye Drop is a wide range anti-infection that is powerful at killing a few kinds of microbes.

How to Use Nebracin Eye Drop?


Continuously heed the direction given by the specialist. Additionally, utilize the suggested number of drops of Nebracin 0.3% Eye Drop. It ought to be utilized exclusively for outer use, as prompted by your doctor. Never utilized the eye drops on the off chance that the seal is broken. Continuously spotless your hands appropriately with water and cleanser to forestall disease because of tainting. Put it onto the impacted eye by holding the dropper close to the eye without contacting it. Then crush the dropper delicately and put a drop of the medication.

Side Effects of Tobramycin Eye Drop


A few symptoms of Nebracin Eye Drop are obscured vision, dry eyes, extreme cerebral pain, aversion to light, gentle stinging in the eyes, tipsiness, copying eyes, release from eyes, and eye distress.



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